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12/04/2020   New arrivals: Power HD and Corona servos.
DS561WP Corona 10kg / 0.16sec / 63.6g Metal Gear Large Torque Waterproofing Digital Servo DS-561WP
DS560WP Corona 15kg / 0.16sec / 63.6g Metal Gear Large Torque High Voltage Waterproofing Digital Servo DS-560WP
POWER-XYT PowerHD EP-XYT All Metal Servo for 1/10 Chassis, T4/ DB7/ 419X Electrical Cars
POWER-R30 PowerHD R30 Robotic Arm 90 / 180/ 270/ 360 degree 30Kg Large Torque Servo
POWER-R25 PowerHD R25 60g/ 25kg/ .11 sec Hispeed Metal Gear High Voltage Servo
POWER-R6 PowerHD R6 1/12 Pancar Servo (compatible with 500 helicopter, Mono 1 boat)
HD1206TG PowerHD HD-1206TG 48g/ 7kg/ .06sec Drift Car Short Digital Servo (compatible with Futaba 7PX)
HD6001MG PowerHD HD-6001MG 56g/ 7kg/ .14sec Metal Gear Digital Servo
STORM-4 PowerHD STORM-4 80g/ 25kg/ .085sec Brushless Metal Gear Digital Servo (compatible with FUTABA JR SAVOX)
POWER-G1H PowerHD G1 Dual System Drift Car Gyro
POWER-R12 PowerHD 41g/12kg/ .06sec Hispeed Metal Gear High Voltage Digital Short Servo R12
POWER-R20 PowerHD 60g/20kg/ .085sec Hispeed Metal Gear High Voltage Digital Servo R20
LF13MG PowerHD 60g/13kg/ .12sec Waterproof Digital Servo LF-13MG

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