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Electric & Nitro Powered Cars and Trucks Category.
   Cars/Trucks Cars & Trucks - Nitro SPEED 1:8 Scale Gas Powered 4WD Off-road Racing Truck RTR Item No.:94083
SKU:  S94083
SPEED 1:8 Scale Gas Powered 4WD Off-road Racing Truck RTR Item No.:94083
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  Tags: SPEED  1  8  Scale  Gas  Powered  4WD  Off-road  Racing  Truck  RTR  Item  No.  94083 

1. Four Wheel Straight Shaft Drive System
2. Reverse Gearteeth Double-head Lever Adopted In Fully Vehicle Assembling
3. Wholly Net Steel Centre Straight Gear Rim
5. High Speed Bearing Adopted In Fully Vehicle Assembling
6. 6061/T6 Aluminum Plated In Whole Vehicle With Anodic Processed
7. Universal joint With Specially High Solid Processed
8. Wheel Rims In Their Colurful Radiating Style
9. Solid Chassis In Superior Quality
10.Super Toughening Nylon Applied To Total Plastic Accessories
11.Disc Brake System
12.Equipped With Small Different Speed Gears In The Lower Gravity Style Which Can Largely Lower The Entire Gravity
13.Oil Tank Including High-density Filter Lamp-wick And Isolated Oil Carrrying Device
14.Built-in 6mm Front & Rear Assistant Lever
Length: 490mm
Width: 400mm
Height: 260mm
Wheelbase 320-330mm
Front Thread:300mm
Rear Thread: 305mm
Weight: 3950g
Gear Ratio: 17.9:1
F/R Wheel Diameter:155mm*80mm
Distance From Chassis
to GroundLevel:78mm
Glue Plug Heater
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