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   Electric BEC / UBEC 3-35V Input, 1.2-30V Output Step-down & Step-up Voltage Regulator (for FPV)
SKU:  335AUT
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3-35V Input, 1.2-30V Output Step-down & Step-up Voltage Regulator (for FPV)
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  Tags: voltage regulator  step-down regulator 

This is the step-down and step-up integrated voltage regulator, specially designed for FPV related application.

Typical application: Powering video TX or camera where using 12V inputs with 2-6S Lipo.

3-35V Input, 1.2-30V Output Step-down & Step-up Voltage Regulator (for FPV)

Input voltage:3-35V
Output voltage:mode 1:  1.25-30V adjustable; mode 2: fixed output (can be set to 1.25 to 30V)
Output current:constant 1A (when output at 12V);   1.5-2A when output is set to 5V.
Input current: 2A (MAX)
Output power: 12W under natural cooling condition and input voltage higher than 10V,  20W with heat sink.
Idle current: 10mA ( under 10-14V input and 12V output)
Working temperature: -40℃ to +85℃ (output power within 10W )
Wrong polarity protection: No, wrong polarity will burn the PCB directly.
Dynamic respond speed:5% 200uS
Short circuit protection:Yes (10 seconds)
Size: 5x2.3x1.1 cm (excluding potentiometer) 

*This device is specially introduced to those experienced DIYers, basic electronic knowledge and DIY/welding skills are required, we are not responsible for damages due to lack of welding skills or wrong wirings etc.

*Check the output voltage and adjust the virable resistor to adjust the voltage if needed before connect to your device.

1 x voltage regulator

* Wires are not provided, customers need to weld the input and output wires yourselves, so basic welding skills are required, also wrong polarity will cause severe damage to the unit.
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