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   Electric Electric Speed Control (ESC) Brushless Speed Control (BL ESC) - Air/ Helis HOBBYWING XRotor Micro 20A 4S Speed Control for Multicopters XRotor-20A Micro
   Multi-rotors Electronic Speed Controller (ESC)
HOBBYWING XRotor Micro 20A 4S Speed Control for Multicopters XRotor-20A Micro
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Super Small & Light

ESCs with incredible small size and light weight are specially designed for competition FPV drones.

Quality Components
The use of F396 48MHz MCU, imported MOSFETs (Toshiba MOSFETs for 20A &35A ESCs, Fairchild MOSFETs for 30A ESCs) and ceramic capacitors, 3-in-1 drive ICs, 3-ounce copper, 4 layers of PCBs and other quality components guarantees less heat, higher efficiency and rapider response.

Damped Light Mode & OneShot125 Mode Supported 
Damped light mode improves the motor retardation and allows users to brake the FPV drones more efficiently. Active-freewheeling technology improves driving efficiency, flight time and heat dissipation. The ESCs support OneShot125 high speed throttle signal and regular throttle signal (within 500Hz) modes.

Twisted-Pair Signal Cable Reduces Interference
The twisted-pair throttle signal cable effectively reduces interference produced in signal transmission and makes the flight much more stable and reliable.

HOBBYWING XRotor Micro 20A 4S Speed Control for Multicopters XRotor-20A Micro

Product:  XRotor 20A Micro
Continuous/ Peak current: 20A/ 30A
Cell number: 2-4S Lipo
BEC output: No
Wire:  power  input 20AWG, 100mm  (wire length is the overall length including the portion soldered on the PCB)
Output wires: No
Power input connector: No
Dimension: 24.0x13.9x5.5mm
Weight: 7g
Typical application: 130 - 280 class quadcopter

Function features:
Throttle range calibration:  supported
Programming method:  via transmitter
DEO: Not supported
Oneshot throttle mode: Supported
Timing setting: yes
motor rotating direction reverse: yes

1 x ESC
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