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   Multi-rotors Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) DJI Takyon Z415-M 15A 2-4S Speed Controller for 3D FPV Racer (4pcs)
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DJI Takyon Z415-M 15A 2-4S Speed Controller for 3D FPV Racer (4pcs)
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TAKYON Series Z425-M/Z415-M ESCs

A custom-designed System on a Chip (SOC) and a modular board combine with efficient and intelligent motor control algorithms to make the DJI Takyon series of ESCs extraordinarily fast and ultra-accurate. Using the brand new, more intuitive DJI Assistant 2, configuring a wide range of parameters to optimize performance is effortless and firmware updates are easier than ever.

Compact, Low-weight
The Takyon Z4 Mini ESC series is designed with an integrated 32-bit DJI motor drive chip working at frequencies of up to 100 MHz. Integration reduces size and drops weight to just 1.6g. It can support the PWM of up to 48KHz. Ripple voltage is 40% lower than comparable ESCs of the same size, minimizing power supply voltage fluctuations. The Z425 Mini ESC comes with a crystal oscillator for accurate control and quick responses without additional throttle range tuning.

3D Mode
The Z4 Mini ESC series 3D Mode allows instantaneous motor direction changes, enabling complex maneuvers that otherwise would not be possible, for instance flipping upside down while maintaining speed and direction. Coupled with a fast throttle response it guarantees flexibility of movement for equipped aircraft.

Easy Setup and Tune
The rotation direction of aircraft motors can quickly be changed by manually spinning them in the desired direction, without changing parameters or reconnecting the ESC cables, saving valuable time during a race.

DJI Assistant 2 simplifies the process of customizing how an aircraft flies. Set acceleration, timing, active braking, throttle range and PWM frequency according to specific needs, or tune an aircraft for racing quickly and easily. It is also used for firmware updates, which bring new features and upgraded compatibility.

Maximum Compatibility
Built-in flux observation and self-adaptation control technologies enable the Z4 Mini ESCs to work with a wide range of square-wave driven brushless motors, as well as High KV motors used for racing, without manual tuning. The ESCs also support high-speed throttle frequencies of up to 500Hz and OneShot125 for further enhancing the performance of racing drones.

OneShot Mode Supported
Up to 280000rpm (1 pole pair) motor speeds supported

Efficient Active Braking Control
Takyon series ESCs support active braking modes. During flight, aircraft equipped with Takyon can brake fast and maneuver with precision and agility, reducing power loss and improving efficiency.

DJI Takyon Z415-M 15A 2-4S Speed Controller for FPV Racer (4pcs)



Max Allowable Voltage17.4V
Battery2-4S LiPo
Max Allowable Current (Continuous)15A
Max Peak Current ( < 3 sec)20A
Support High Rotational Speed Motors280000rpm (1 pole pair)
Max Regular Signal Frequency500Hz
Max OneShot125 Signal Frequency650Hz
Weight(include wires)6.3g
Operating Temperature-10℃ to 40℃


Length(Without Cables)24.00 mm
Width12.00 mm
Thickness4.65 mm
Motor Cable Length75.00 mm
Power Cable Length100.00 mm
Signal Cable Length132.00 mm

Z415-M & Z425-M


Compatible Motor Modelsincluding but not limited to: 1804,1806, 2204, 2206, 2208, 2212, 2216, 2312, 2808, 3506
PC Assistant Software
  • Output PWM Frequency settings
  • 3D Mode settings
  • Motor rotation direction quick settings
  • Timing settings
  • Active braking settings
  • Acceleration settings
  • Motor rotation direction settings
  • Startup tone settings
  • Throttle range settings
  • Firmware upgrade
Typical ApplicationsRacing drones

4 x DJI ESCs Z415-M
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