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   Radios Radio Sets RF Module / Receivers & Accy 2.4G CORONA DSSS 8-Channel RF Module & RX System for JR Transmitter (RF CT8J, RX CR8D) V2
2.4G CORONA DSSS 8-Channel RF Module & RX System for JR Transmitter (RF CT8J, RX CR8D) V2
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  Tags: 2.4G  CORONA  8-Channel  RF Module  JR Transmitter  RF CT8J  RX CR8D  V2  VII  version 2 

When you plan to update your JR FM Transmitter to the newest high-tech 2.4GHz system, CF9 is your correct choice.
Corona 2.4Ghz JR module replacement system.
The Corona 2.4Ghz system replaces the standard JR module on most JR PPM systems equipped with an FM module.

Compatible with JR radios include: 347,388,783,U8,PCM10,PCM10S,PCM10SX,PCM10IIs,8103,9303.
Specification For Transmitter Module
Type: CT8J 2.4G DSSS
Operating Voltage Range : 6.0V-13.0V
Operating Current : 100Ma
Resolution : 10bit

Specification for Receiver
CR8D---- Fast Spread 2.4G Receiver work with Corona RF.Module
Operating Voltage Range --- 4.8V-6V
Operating Current --- 30Ma
Specified Range --- 1.5km
Resolution ---10 bit
Latency ---- 22ms
Sensitivity -- -100dbm
Channel --- 8CH
1 x JR compatible RF module 2.4G CT8J DSSS
1 x antenna
1 x 2.4Ghz 8CH Receiver CR8D
HiModel note:
The Cronona FHSS 2.4G system does not compatible with the DSSS system.

DSSS ----- 3 times Frequency-Hopping Delivery to USA ,Canada ,China Market. this Version with Fast response .

FHSS ----- 15 times Frequency –Hopping Delivery to EU market . this version with Stronger resistance for Interference .

Hint for binding:
The transmitter and receiver need to be at least 1 meter apart during binding and this is not stated in the instructions. Also the instructions says that the module on the transmitter is to show a green light when bonded and it shows a red light.
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