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Why have'nt I received my parcels shipped via postal (small) air parcel services after 30 days?

Added: 2007-09-15   Updated: 2013-03-28   View: 13223

   You will find the time frame we indicates for China Post (small) air parcel is 15-60 days.

We agree that, in most cases, the postal (small) air parcel can arrive in 15-25 days, but according to our years of experience, there is about 1-2% of packages may take up to 60 days during transport, the delivery time of this service is not reliable compare to those express/traceable services. Also, as the postal services are not carried out by one company, but involve several postal companies of different countries where the parcel pass through, so there are many factors may affect the shipping time, and also because of this reason, it is difficult to check the current status of the parcels during delivery.

We understand you are eager to receive your items just as we do, but please be little more patient if your parcel just unluckily to be one of the 1-2%, as it is purely beyond of you and our control, actually even China Post have no control over it once the parcels went outside China.

Parcels via the small air parcel service to Russia and Brazil may take longer than to other countries, the percentage of packages take over 60 days during transit is higher during rush season like Christmas & New Year seasons.

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