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   Electric Electric Speed Control (ESC) Brushless Speed Control (BL ESC) - Air/ Helis HIFEI KingKong Series 2-3S 40A Electric Speed Control W/data logger ESC-40A-K
SKU:  KK-40A
HIFEI KingKong Series 2-3S 40A Electric Speed Control W/data logger ESC-40A-K
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  Tags: HIFEI  KingKong  Series  2-3S  40A  Electric  Speed  Control  W  data  logger  ESC-40A-K 

1. Microprocessor controlled

2. Integrated the function of flying data logger, could recording the flying data as:






·Throttle travel

3. Programmable the parameters of ESC through USB cable connected to computer

4. Upgradeable the firmware of ESC through Internet

5. 40A continous(50A surge)

6. Up to 10 cells NiMH/NiCad or 2~3cell Lithium-polymer

7. High rate adjustable switching (PWM:8KHz/12KHz/16KHz)

8. BEC:2A (Linear BEC)

9. Support 3 micro servos

10. Programmable low voltage cutoff

11. Programmable cutoff types(soft cutoff/hard cutoff)

12. Programmable brake type(disable/soft brake/hard brake)

13. Time advance programmable (low/standard/high)

14. Programmable current limiting(very sensitive/standard/insensitive/disable)

15. Governor mode(low rpm governor/high rpm governor)

16. Programmable startup type(very soft start/soft start/fast start)

17. Thermal Protection(100 centigrade)

18. Apply to most of inrunner and outrunner brushless motors.

19. No complex programming, auto adapt work mode.

20. A LED (flashes) indicates full throttle.

21. Runs motor in forward or reverse by swapping any two motor wire connections.

22. Safe “power on” arming program ensures motor will not accidentally turn on.

23. Auto shut down when signal is lost or radio interference becomes severe for more than 3 seconds .After radio connection has been reestablished, moving the throttle to the lowest position can restart the motor.

24. The ESC is disabled when the voltage is over 15v at power-on.
Type: ESC-40A-K
Size: 52mm X 26mm X 10mm
Weight: 25g
Constant Current:40A (50A burst)
BEC: Yes, 2A
Input: 2 to 3 Li-Po, or 4 to 10 Ni-MH/Ni-Cd
Data logging function: YES
Programing methods: Program card/Program box/USB Linker capable (not included)


Instruction Manual

1 x ESC
1 x software disk

* Battery and motor connectors to be purchased separately.
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