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Please note that listed availability might not be applicable for multiple copies of an item, and that sudden demand for an item can have an effect on its availability. We will inform you by phone or e-mail if any items in your order prove to be unavailable.

Shipping times are calculated from the time your merchandise leaves the HiModel warehouse. Packages are usually shipped from our warehouse within 3 days of your order. This would be delayed if an order were placed over the weekend or on a holiday. Please make your arrangements accordingly.

Due to the high damage rate of airplane and sailplane kits during delivery, we now do not accept retail orders for products like airplane kits.


Notify us immediately (preferably by Email) about the damage or loss and we will start the claim process. You will then be advised of the status of your claim.

In case a incorrect item been sent with your order, notify us immediately upon receipt, We will resolve it on a case by case basis.


We backorder out-of-stock merchandise whenever possible unless you specify that you do not want an item backordered. Certain sale merchandise, products with uncertain availability, discontinued items may not be backordered. On occasion we may run out-of-stock on an item while we are wating for your payment, in this case, we will whip you the rest of your order unless you note otherwise, We only charge our shipping charge once per order and will not charge you twice for orders containing backorders. We will only ship back orders via an "express" ship method at the customer's request and cost. Backorders shipped at our expense will be shipped via the most economical shipper. You may cancel your backorders at any time prior to the order being packed up for shipping.


Any outstanding balance dues will be applied to your next order.


We will accept defective merchandise that was purchased from HiModel for refund or exchange under the following conditions: Merchandise must be returened within 7 days of arrival. The merchandise must be in new and unused condition and in its original package, and in resalable condition. For merchandise that is not defective, you will be charged a 20% re-stocking fee. You must include a note with the reason for return or exchange or we will not process your return. Defective merchandise will be replaced/repaired or refunded at our discretion.


Warranty period for all products is 30 days unless otherwise stated.

A defective item is an item that arrives undamaged in shipping, but unable to function properly. The item must not have any visible damage and must clearly be from manufacturing issues.

Any item that was opened and played with and was in working condition out of the box is NOT considered a defect.

Product(s) MUST be returned to us for replacement, no matter the cost or condition of the product.

Shipping charges are not refunded. You will be responsible for the return shipping fees incurred to send the item(s) back to us, the charges for sending the repaired/replaced product(s) back to you for qualified warranty will be paid by HiModel.

Contact us via the online Help Ticket System first before you return any item.


We accept no responsibility for crash damage and/or loss of kits, engines, accessories, etc. It is difficult or impossible to determine for certain whether crash damage was due to radio system failure or operator error. Electrical polarity must be properly observed in hooking up electrical components. Current limits must be observed with batteries, speed controllers, and electric motors. HiModel accepts no responsibility for any purchased components that are incorporated into radio systems or problems caused by incompatibility between radio components, parts etc.
International radio frequency and electric current requirements are the responsibility of the buyer.
Our liability for all products is imited to the sale price of the product.


Once you receive your battery or battery pack, test it for low voltage condition before you charge or discharge the battery. There is absolutely no warranty for any Lithium Polymer battery or battery pack once you have placed it on a charger. Once you use or discharge a Lithium Polymer battery or battery pack there is no warranty. As it is difficult or impossible to determine that the discharge rates do not exceed the manufacturer's specified maximum rates for these cells in your application. Therefore, the use of Lithium Polymer batteries in radio-controlled models is to be considered experimental, and there is no warranty, expressed or implied, with respect to the capacity, life in cycles, storage, or discharge characteristics of cells in RC use, nor any other use nor aspect. We strongly suggest you use a safety guard component with these cells. Lithium Polymer batteries hold a huge amount of energy and must be respected. Since we cannot guarentee customers will follow the proper safety precautions and use an appropriate well functioning charger with the correct settings, we cannot accept any responsibility for the use of Lithium Polymer battery products. Therefore, HiModel assumes no responsibility for the use of Lithium Polymer battery products by our customers. Your use of this product means you accept our terms and you are fully responsible for any consequences.


We do not share , rent, or sell your private information to any other company or individual. All your personal information will solely used for Hi Model to offer a better service to you.


All prices, pictures and descriptions on this site and all other Hi Model publications are subject to change without notice. Hi Model maintains no responsibility for inadvertent errors. In the event of typographical errors on our site or in our publications, Hi Model reserves the right to cancel or refuse orders at its sole discretion. Please contact us within 30 days regarding price or promotion discrepancies.

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