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   Engines Engines - Airplanes Gas/Petrol Powered Engines & Accessories NGH 17CC Petrol Engine for Radio Control Aeroplane
SKU:  NGH-17
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NGH 17CC Petrol Engine for Radio Control Aeroplane
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  Tags: NGHengine  petrol engine  gasoline engine  nitro style gasline engine 

This is a new generation of small gas quality engine, it combines the advantages of both Nitro and gasoline engines, compact in size, light weight, fuel economy, reliable and powerful.
Engine Type: Gasoline Two-stroke, Air Cooled, Rotary Valve
Cylinder Type: Precision Steel Sleeve
Cylinders: Single
Crank Type-Forged: Dual Ball Bearing Support
Mounting Type: Beam or Rail Mount
Carburetor Type : Walbro WT Series
Carburetor Mounting: Front
Crankshaft Threads: 5/16" X 24 TPI
Mounting Dimensions: Owners Manual or Website
Plug Type: 1/4 X 32
Displacement: 1.02 cu in.(16.91cc)
Bore: 1.14 in. (29mm)
Stroke: 1.01 in (25.6mm)
Engine (Only) Weight: 730g
Ignition Weight: 120g
Prop Range: 14*8,15*8,16*8
RPM Range:L 2100-9000
Fuel: Unleaded Gasoline With High-Quality Two-Cycle Oil, Pre- Mixed
compression ratio: 10
Pre-Mix Oil Ratio and Type : Break-in with 25:1, General 35:1, For Air Cooled Engines

*Mounting dimension is similar to conventional .90 class Nitro engine.

Prop RPM
JXF 14x8 9000
JXF 15x8 8000
JXF 16x8 7000
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