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   Helicopters Helicopter Accessories - Nitro Helicopter Accessories - Miscellaneous 12-18V High Torque Wide Range Electric Starter (40 to 180 class Nitro/ 15-30CC Gas Engine) W/ D44mm Drive Cone
Spare/Optional Parts
12-18V High Torque Wide Range Electric Starter (40 to 180 class Nitro/ 15-30CC Gas Engine) W/ D44mm Drive Cone
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  Tags: 12-18V  High  Torque  Wide  Range  Electric  Starter  40  to  180  class  Nitro  15-30CC  Gas  Engine  W  D44mm  Drive  Cone 

●High power & reliable
●Easy to use
●For airplanes, cars, boats & helicopters.
● High torque output: 6:1 gear reducer, increase the starting torque about 6 times.
● The electric motor originally designed for 110CC motorcycle was used for this starter, which have a much longer life and more durable compare to the most of starters currently used for RC application.
● Carbon Fiber structure, make it lighter, the total weight is only 1.45kg.
● Two touch buttons, make it convenient to use in vary directions.

Power input: 12-18V (12V 9AH+ Pb-Acid battery is recommended)
Suitable engine class: 40 to 180 class Nitro engines or 15CC to 30CC petrol engines

Outer diameter of the aluminum drive cone: 44mm
Inner diameter of the aluminum drive cone: 35.6mm
Inner diameter of the rubber insert: 23mm

Different holding positions demo:

1 x electric starter
The difference between starters SKU SUPSTRDC and SUPSTR is the size of drive cone, the motors used for the two starters are identical, only difference is the drive cone size which is intended to be used for different size spinners.
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