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   Helicopters Helicopters - Electric GL500 Carbon-Fiber & Metal 3D CCPM Electric Helicopter Kit
SKU:  GL500S
Spare/Optional Parts
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GL500 Carbon-Fiber & Metal 3D CCPM Electric Helicopter Kit
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  Tags: GL500  Carbon-Fiber  Metal  3D  CCPM  Electric  Helicopter  Kit 

500 Class 3D CCPM Electric Helicopter Kit.

● 80% preassembled
●High tensile 6063 Aluminum alloy metal parts
●Carbon fiber side boards
●Fiberglass canopy
●430mm Fiberglass main blades
●Main Rotor diameter:980mm
●Main Rotor length:430mm
●Main shaft motor gear ratio: 56:11
●Flight weight: 1800g

Recommended equipment:
Transmitter: 6-channel or above, support CCPM control mode.
Gyro: head lock gyro recommended.
Servo: Futaba S3150, S9650, Hitec HS-85MG, or other 17g or 20g digital servos with similar capability and same dimensions for installation.
Speed controller: 80A, 7.4V - 22.2V
Motor: 1100KV 3648 size
1 x GL500 kit (semi-preassembled)
1 x 425mm fiberglass Rotor Blade
1 x 80A speed controller
1 x 960KV brushless motor with 2 pinions
1 x 3A UBEC

1 x aluminum case ( for disassembled kit only )

●Lithium battery: 3300mah/22.2V 15C above
●Transmitter:6 channel or more For Helicopter System
●Receiver:6 channel or more
●Rud servo:1pc
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