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   Helicopters Helicopters - Electric Metal & Fiberglass 450 Class 3D CCPM Electric Helicopter Kit Type GL450AD (Blue)
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Metal & Fiberglass 450 Class 3D CCPM Electric Helicopter Kit Type GL450AD (Blue)
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  Tags: Metal  Fiberglass  450  Class  3D  CCPM  Electric  Helicopter  Kit  Type  GL450AD  Blue 

The 450AD version is 3D emphasized in structure, the flybar is on top of the main blades, which gives more agility in 3D acrobatic flight.

●All metal & fiberglass construction.
●Parts are exchangeable with Align T-Rex 450
Blue in color.
●Main Rotor:710mm ( 325mm blades )
●Tail Rotor:155mm
●Motor gear: 13T
●Main drive gear: 150T
●Small drive gear:106T
●Tail drive gear:25T
●Weight(without power system):380g
●Flight weight: 750g
1 x GL450C kit (preassembled)
1 x aluminum case (We do not guarantee the safety of the aluminum case for international shipment, as the quality of the case is not quite good, and too easy get deformed)
1 x 325mm fiberglass Rotor Blade
1 x decal
1 x motor pinion (13T, Φ3.17mm)

●Lithium Battery:DC11.1V(1300mAh or more)
●Transmitter:6 channel or more For Helicopter System
●Receiver:6 channel or more
●Rud servo:1pc
●Brushless motor
●Brushless electric speed controller
The difference of the AD version to GL450C is that the flybar is on top of the main blades instead of below the main blades, which is more agile in 3D flight.


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