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   FPV/ Aerial Photography Video TX/RX & Accy. FPV 5.8G 500mW A/V Transmitter (TX) TS352 | RP-SMA, jack
SKU:  FV5850TX
FPV 5.8G 500mW A/V Transmitter (TX) TS352 | RP-SMA, jack
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  Tags: video recording system  FPV  telemetry system  500mw 

FPV 5.8G 500mW A/V Transmitter, a good choice for avoiding interference for customers using 2.4G radio system.

FPV 5.8G 500mW A/V Transmitter

Transmitter specs:
Transmitting unit weight: 68.5g (including antenna but excluding wires)
Size: 69mm x 31mm x 26mm
Power input: 7.4-13V
Output power: 500mW
Wording current: 550mA
Channel number: 8-ch
Digital phase-locked loop circuit, no temperature drift.
Compatible with PAL and NTSC
Antenna connection: RP-SMA  jack (module side)   Refer to here for connector type diagram

Details of channel frequencies of the transmitter:
CH1: 5705 CH2:5685
CH3:5665 CH4:5645
CH5:5885 CH6:5905
CH7:5925 CH8:5945

* Make sure the correct polarity, damage due to wrong polarity is not covered by warranty.
1 x transmitter unit
1 x basic wire

* Plastic bag packing, No instruction manual supplied with this product.
Screw glue was applied to the TX antenna from the factory, reason of doing so is because for a high power TX like this device, when a improper antenna is used, it can easily lead to damage of the amplifier circuit.
According to the manufacturer, a large portion of warranty returns are damaged because of customers replaced the original TX antenna with an improper TX antenna.

If you are sure you know exactly what you are doing and still willing to replace the original TX antenna, then you can heat up the joint with a heat gun or an electric iron, and then unscrew the antenna with pliers to take off the antenna.

Damage resulted from replacing antenna will not be covered by warranty.

(no such risk for RX antenna)

Nov., 2011
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