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Lithium Polymer (Li-poly) & Ni-Mh battery packs, battery chargers, Electric (Brushless) Motors, Electric Speed Controllers ( ESC ), Gyros, Electric Accessories etc.
   Electric Wires/Connectors etc. Wires/ Shrinking Tubes D35mm Heat Shrink Tubing - Clear (1 meter)
D35mm Heat Shrink Tubing - Clear (1 meter)
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  Tags: Heat Shrink Tubing  heat shrinking tubes 

Heat Shrink Tubing is Safer, neater, faster and also more dependable than electrician's tape.
Widely used as protection film on battery packs, electronic boards like receiver, OSD/GPS modules, fly control/ESC board etc.
Length: 1 meter
Wall thickness: 0.1mm
Diameter: φ35mm
Folding-up width: 55mm
Best shrinking temperature: 80 ℃
1 x meter
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