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    Returning & Replacing

What is your warranty policy of Lithium Polymer Batteries?

Added: 2006-03-10   Updated: 2006-11-29   View: 3623

   Instead of offering no any warranty for Lithium polymer batteries like most of other suppliers, we offer a limited warranty for all HiModel Lithium Polymer batteries within 60 days of purchase. </p>
<p>We can only resolve the Lithium Polymer battery warranty on a case
by case basis, as we cannot guarentee customers will follow
the proper safety precautions and use an appropriate well
functioning charger with the correct settings and well functioning electric speed controllers (ESC) with correct cut-off protection settings, and it is difficult or impossible
to determine that the discharge rates do not exceed the
specified maximum rates for these cells in your application. Once you receive your battery or battery pack, test it for
low voltage condition before you charge or discharge the battery. </p>
<p> We strongly suggest
you use a safety guard component with these cells. Lithium
Polymer batteries hold a huge amount of energy and must be
respected. HiModel assumes no responsibility for
the use of Lithium Polymer battery products by our customers.
Your use of this product means you accept our terms and you
are fully responsible for any consequences. Our warranty for Lithium Polymer batteries is limited to the extent of replacing with a new pack or refund.

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