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    General Questions

Do I need to pay other charges like custom duties and taxes and/or VAT (value-added tax) when order from HiModel?

Added: 2006-12-16   Updated: 2007-06-21   View: 9258

   The prices listed on our website already include Chinese government VAT.

The prices and shipping cost DO NOT include import duties and taxes and/or VAT in destination (your) country, recipient should take responsibility to pay duties and taxes and/or VAT when occured in destination country.

The regulations on import duties/ taxes are vary by countries, invoice/declared values (normally only goods exceeds a specific amount of value will be charged by custom duties), category and origin of goods etc., please consult your local authority or shippers for details on import policies of your country.

In some countries, it may even vary by shippers, according to our experiences(it is only our own feelings from the years of experience):
a. Post office EMS service is the least trouble method, parcels via post office services are easier to go through the custom. (yet, EMS is not as fast, reliable as other express companies like DHL/FedEx/TNT)
b. DHL has a impressive custom clearance capability, and most of time, in most countries are free of trouble, FedEx maintains a similar record.
c. TNT has the widest coverage, but to some countries where have a relatively strict policies, it may expect custom clearance problem.

For customers from countries where have a more strict policy on import goods like Ukraine, Russia, Brazil, Turkey etc.(not limited to those countries), we highly recommend customers consult with your local shippers or custom authority on the import regulations before choose to ship via express service, in case the parcel is subject to any import duty/taxes, it should be paid by buyers, and in case it is rejected or returned due to custom clearance problem, the freight for returning should also be paid by buyer.

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