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   Multi-rotors Flight Controller (FC) HobbyEagle A3 Mini 6-axis Gyro Flight Controller/ Stabilizer
   FPV/ Aerial Photography Flight Controller/OSD/ GPS/ Stablizer
HobbyEagle A3 Mini 6-axis Gyro Flight Controller/ Stabilizer
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  Tags: Eagle  flight stabilization  flight controller 

A3 Mini is a high-performance and functional 6-axis mini gyro and stabilizer designed for R/C airplanes. The smaller size and more compact design make it more suitable for the small electric airplanes. With the new feature of multi-protocol serial receiver support, it could be compatible with most single line mini receivers on the market.


- Mini size and 4.8g weight, PPM and multi-protocol digital serial receivers supported.

- 32-bit MCU, high-precision 6-axis MEMS sensor, improved hardware platform and new firmware solution provide more reliable performance.

- 6 flight modes, including GYRO-OFF, NORMAL, LOCK, ANGLE, LEVEL and HOVER modes.

- Flying-wing (for Delta-wing), V-Tail, Remote Master Gain.

- Firmware upgradable and Programming Card supported.


HobbyEagle A3 Mini 6-axis Gyro Flight Controller/ Stabilizer


Main Controller: 32-bit MCU

Sensor: High-precision MEMS 6-axis sensor

Operating Voltage: DC 3.6V - 8.4V

Operating Current: 20mA@5V

Size: 30×19.5×7.5mm (L×W×H)

Weight: 4.8g (excluding wires)

Serial Receiver Protocols Supported:

PPM Receiver

For Futaba S.Bus (compatible with FrSky SBUS, RadioLink SBUS and WFLY WBUS)

Spektrum DSM/DSMX 1024 Satellite Receiver

Spektrum DSM/DSMX 2048 Satellite Receiver

Spektrum SRXL

Multiplex SRXL / JR XBUS Mode B

Graupner SUMD

FlySky iBus

Receiver Connection:

A3 Mini supports PPM and multi-protocol digital serial receivers which allows you to connect the receiver to the gyro with one single wire on the slot [Serial RX]. Depending upon the receiver type selected, A3 Mini uses the preset channel assignment to recognize the channels from the receiver. Check if your radio transmits the channels in the correct order. After each time you have changed the receiver type the current channel settings will be reset to the default. Choose "None" for those channels you do not use.

Servo Connection:

A3 Mini supports Standard Fixed-wing, Flying-wing (for Delta-wing) and V-Tail.

1x HobbyEagle A3 Mini Flight Controller
1x USB Adapter
2x Data Cables

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