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   Radios Servos & Accessories Digital Servo & Accessories 12g/ 1.8kg/ .07 sec High Speed Digital Micro Servo MD922D
SKU:  MD922D
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12g/ 1.8kg/ .07 sec High Speed Digital Micro Servo MD922D
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  Tags: 12g  1.8kg  .07  sec  High  Speed  Digital  Micro  Servo  MD922D 

MD922 digital servos have following technique characteristics:
1.Use metal gears, especially use steel material in output gear, which has better intensity , abrasion resistance and accuracy, makes sure servo’s output deviation very small after long time running.
2. Use high quality motors as FUTABA's, makes sure the servo's life longer, and tests prove it can continually run in high speed for 50 hours.
3.Use Japanese raw material to produce outer shell, which is more sturdy and durable and can bear 120℃ temperature.
4.Use high accuracy digital driven IC as FUTABA's, makes most rapid and accurate response to control signal.
5. Designed for special occasions which need rapid response speed ,can be used in dynamoelectric helicopters to control the direction and in high speed gliders, compatible with many gyroscopes such as Futaba 401,601.
Operating voltage range: 4.5V—6.0V
Operating temperature range: -20℃ to 60℃
Operating speed: 0.07 sec/60℃ 6V 0.09 sec/60℃ 4.8V
Torque: 6V 4.8V
Idle current: 5mA at stopped
Running current range: 50-180mA
Block up to turn electric current: 600mA
Dead band width: ≤3usec
Size: 22.5×11.5×24.6mm
Weight: 12g
Bearing material: Metal
Gear material: 5 metal gears
Connector wire length: 21cm
1 x digital servo with servo horns
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