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   Radios Radio Sets RF Module / Receivers & Accy FrSky 2.4G 4-channel FASST Compatible Receiver TFR4-B
   Radios Receivers & Accessories 3 - 4 Ch. Receivers
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FrSky 2.4G 4-channel FASST Compatible Receiver TFR4-B
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1) Compatible with FASST 2.4G: Air Systems (7CH Mode/Multi Mode) & Surface Systems (C1 Mode);
2) CPPM and RSSI (PWM) output - If CH3 and CH4 are connected by a jumper, CH1 will output CPPM for CH1~CH8, and CH2 will output RSSI (PWM);
3) Lighter weight and physically smaller;
4) Two selectable failsafe setting options.
Number of Channels: 4
Operating Voltage Range: 3.5V~10V
Operating Temperature Range: -10℃~80℃
Dimension: 42*17*7mm
Weight: 4.6g

FASST 2.4G: Air Systems (7CH Mode/Multi Mode) & Surface Systems (C1 Mode) (including 3PK, 4PK)
FrSky TF Modules: TF-8M, TF-14M

Bind procedure:
1) Ascertain that the transmitter is in the PPM mode. Turn the transmitter off.
2) Turn on the transmitter while holding the F/S button on the transmitter module. Release the button. The RED LED on the transmitter module will flash, indicating the transmitter is ready to bind to the receiver.
3) Connect the provided binding cable to corresponding channels of VD5M (see 1.1 Compatibility chart for details), and connect battery to the receiver. LED on the receiver will flash, indicating the binding process is completed. Turn off both the transmitter and receiver, and disconnect the binding cable from VD5M.
4) Turn on the transmitter and connect the battery to the receiver. The RED LED on the receiver will indicate the receiver is receiving commands from the transmitter.
The receiver/transmitter module binding will not have to be repeated, unless one of the two is replaced.

Note: Make sure corresponding channels are connected by provided binding cable when working with the transmitter module.

1 x receiver TFR4-B
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