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GWHD1080 GWS GW/HD1080 254x203 Hyper Drive Propeller
$0.51 In stock
GWHD8060 GWS GW/HD8060 203x152 Hyper Drive Propeller
$0.43 In stock
HD10603R GWS 10 x 6 3-blade Counter Rotating Propeller GWPRR005S3D Black (2pcs)
$1.94 In stock
HD90503 GWS 9 x 5 3-blade Propeller GWPR003S3D (2pcs)
$1.60 Notify Me. Out of Stock
HD80403R GWS 8 x 4 3-blade Counter Rotating Propeller GWPRR002S3D (2pcs)
$0.97 In stock
HD70353 GWS 7 x 3.5 3-blade Propeller GWPRO006S3D Black (2pcs)
$1.36 In stock
HD60303 GWS 6 x 3 3-blade Propeller GWPRO008S3D Black (2pcs)
$1.27 In stock
HD50303 GWS 5 x 3 3-blade Propeller GWPRO007S3D Black (2pcs)
$1.27 In stock
HD1160A PowerHD 16g/2.7kg/ .12sec High Performance Micro Servo HD-1160A
$3.55 In stock
HD1900A PowerHD 9g/2.0kg-cm Torque Hign Performance Micro Servo HD-1900A
$2.92 In stock
1900MG PowerHD 13g/1.5kg-cm/ .08 sec Metal Gear Micro Servo HD-1900MG
$4.92 In stock
HD1800A PowerHD 8g/1.7kg-cm Torque Hign Performance Micro Servo HD-1800A
Spare/option parts
$3.20 In stock
HD1440A PowerHD 4.4g/0.6kg/ .10sec High Performance Micro Servo HD-1440A
$2.88 In stock
HD1370A PowerHD 3.7g/0.4kg/ .10sec High Performance Micro Servo HD-1370A
$2.88 In stock
LW20MG PowerHD 60g/20kg/ .16sec Metal Gear Waterproofing Servo LW-20MG
$18.82 In stock
LF20MG PowerHD 60g/20kg/ .16sec Metal Gear Waterproofing Servo LF-20MG
$15.87 In stock
HD1250MG PowerHD 25g/3.5kg/ .12sec Metal Gear Servo HD-1250MG
$5.47 In stock
DSM-44 PowerHD 5.8g/1.6kg/ .07sec Metal Gear Digital Servo DSM44 (suit for F3P/EPP/KT epo etc.)
$7.16 In stock
WP23KG PowerHD 75g/23kg/ .12sec High Strength Steel Gear Waterproofing Digital Servo WP-23KG
$32.31 In stock
5680BB Power HD 42g/ 6.5Kg-cm Torque Digital Servo HD-5680BB
$21.84 Notify Me. Out of Stock
3688HB Power HD 25g/ 2.8Kg/ .07sec Digital Servo DS-3688HB
$11.54 Notify Me. Out of Stock
1581HB Power HD 12.3g/ 2.6Kg-cm Torque Digital Servo HD-1581HB
$12.35 Notify Me. Out of Stock
HD9001MG PowerHD 56g/9.8kg/ .14sec Metal Gear Servo HD-9001MG
$9.40 In stock
HD1501MG PowerHD 60g/17kg/ .14sec High Torque Metal Gear Servo HD-1501MG
$11.33 In stock
HD6001HB PowerHD 43g/6.7kg/ .14sec Servo HD-6001HB
$6.20 In stock
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